What is your story? Mine is about a loo!

I’ve been thinking a bit about stories and what makes them interesting. One of the kinds of stories that I like to read, hear and see are about people’s lives.

We all have a story. We know where we were born, who make up our families and the people we live with.

I can remember lots of things from when I was little but one of the most vivid memories for me was growing up with an ‘outside toilet’! It might be hard for young people to understand but in my youth we used to have to go out into the back yard to go to the toilet. Now, most of the time this was okay as there were lights, or the moon and people awake and around.

Can you imagine for one minute what it must have been like to need to to the toilet in the middle of the night? Well, from my experience, it was scary! I used to lie in bed and when that feeling came upon me…I used to lie there and try to think it away. Anything seemed better than having to get up and go ‘outside’ when everyone else was asleep. I used to imagine wild creatures in the toilet…wearwolves, dragons, witches… it was very scary.

I can remember when my parents did a renovation on our house in the early 1980’s and this was when we had our very first ‘inside toilet’! This was very posh and I felt like a million bucks being able to go to the toilet during the night time without having to go outside.

Today, we take inside toilets for granted…but, in reality… I don’t think I ever will and LOVE the fact that I no longer need to go outside to pee!

childhood memories