Green Screening-Jayden L

Today around 7 students for Yuille Park went down to BLX  to learn about green screening from two men from MRL Media.

I all ready knew this but some others might not have known this but on the WIN news they use green screening.

The guys who were teaching us about green screening were Steve and Mitch.

The first thing you need to do when you are about to film is to think about your background first.

And you also need to get the lighting right or else when you shoot the video or movie it will look very dull.

Always face the camera the right way because if you’re trying to make someone small or tiny if you put the camera on the ground facing up the person will look like a giant but if you put the camera facing down the person will look tiny.

And the last part have fun because if you don’t have fun whats the point of doing it but if you have fun the audience will have fun watching it.

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