Story Telling by Kimberly

Thursday the 5th of June in Pod 2, we had 3 story tellers. The first one who told a story was named John. He told a story about a smart hare who got stuck up a tree and tricked an elephant to get him down by making her angry.

The second person was named Rita; she told a true story about when she was relaxed. Then her next door neighbour’s kid came running in to her house and said mum needs your help because there was a cow in the pool. So she went over there and pushed the cow out but the  cow got scared and pooed in the water. It came up and looked like it was raining gold.

The third storyteller, named Sheila, acted out a story with students. It was about a grandma and a grandpa, also their grandson Jonathan. At the end of their street there was a tree which had a magpie and its nest. When they were walking to their jobs and school and things the magpie swooped them so when they were going home they had to find a different way. The next day they had an instrument that made a loud noise and the magpie left them alone.

I learnt how to make my stories more interesting and engaging.

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