What is your story? Mine is about a loo!

I’ve been thinking a bit about stories and what makes them interesting. One of the kinds of stories that I like to read, hear and see are about people’s lives.

We all have a story. We know where we were born, who make up our families and the people we live with.

I can remember lots of things from when I was little but one of the most vivid memories for me was growing up with an ‘outside toilet’! It might be hard for young people to understand but in my youth we used to have to go out into the back yard to go to the toilet. Now, most of the time this was okay as there were lights, or the moon and people awake and around.

Can you imagine for one minute what it must have been like to need to to the toilet in the middle of the night? Well, from my experience, it was scary! I used to lie in bed and when that feeling came upon me…I used to lie there and try to think it away. Anything seemed better than having to get up and go ‘outside’ when everyone else was asleep. I used to imagine wild creatures in the toilet…wearwolves, dragons, witches… it was very scary.

I can remember when my parents did a renovation on our house in the early 1980’s and this was when we had our very first ‘inside toilet’! This was very posh and I felt like a million bucks being able to go to the toilet during the night time without having to go outside.

Today, we take inside toilets for granted…but, in reality… I don’t think I ever will and LOVE the fact that I no longer need to go outside to pee!

childhood memories


Story Telling by Kimberly

Thursday the 5th of June in Pod 2, we had 3 story tellers. The first one who told a story was named John. He told a story about a smart hare who got stuck up a tree and tricked an elephant to get him down by making her angry.

The second person was named Rita; she told a true story about when she was relaxed. Then her next door neighbour’s kid came running in to her house and said mum needs your help because there was a cow in the pool. So she went over there and pushed the cow out but the  cow got scared and pooed in the water. It came up and looked like it was raining gold.

The third storyteller, named Sheila, acted out a story with students. It was about a grandma and a grandpa, also their grandson Jonathan. At the end of their street there was a tree which had a magpie and its nest. When they were walking to their jobs and school and things the magpie swooped them so when they were going home they had to find a different way. The next day they had an instrument that made a loud noise and the magpie left them alone.

I learnt how to make my stories more interesting and engaging.

Story teller by Mac

On the 5/6/14 Pod 3 and Pod 2 classes listened to three stories from the Ballarat story tellers. They were very different to each other. The first story was so funny and the next was funny as well and the last one was good too; it had props like puppets. I like the smart hare the most but the hare was really a bit dumb. If I was rating all three stories from 1 to 10  they would all be 10, all day and night. It was good to have it in Pod 2. I liked it a lot.

Ballarat Story Tellers by Zac

On the 5/6/14 Pod 3 and Pod 2 students had the Ballarat Story tellers.  The three people told a story each about different things. One person told a story about a little elephant that wanted to get a drink from his mum but he was old enough to get one from the lake down the road. His mum just wanted to relax so he went down to the lake and there was a little hare. The little hare said to the elephant, “You can’t drink this water.” It was a pretty funny story.

What I learnt about story telling is that it is important to interact with the audience. It is good to use props because it helps tell the story a little bit.

Dave Gibb – cartooning by Tom

On the 8th of May the Pod 3 and 2 kids did cartooning with Dave Gibb. I really liked cartooning so I gave it a crack. We learnt so much that day and it was fun so that is why I am talking about him. I might talk about Michael Green next time but for now back to Dave. So as I was saying…I saw a dog in a picture which a girl did that day and it was cool. I did a great job and I drew an old guy that was in my head. I learnt cartooning and it was easy for some people like me. Dave Gibb was so funny to some people and he was really quick at drawing.

Bruce Roberts By Jayden Locke

On the 29/5/14 Bruce Roberts from WIN news came to our school to teach us about filming.

The first thing he taught us what you need for pre-production, production and post-production.

To make a film you need  is director, camera crew, a budget, actors, script and lots of others.

For production you need to know your location for showcase, posters, ad for TV and loads of others things.

Almost near the end he showed us a film he made himself using three actors, his wife, a guy from the bush and himself to make the film he also needed to find a location on a dirt road.

The story is he and his wife was driving down a dirt road arguing about him with his obsession over these little kid action figures. Suddenly the car breaks down in the middle of the dirt road. They are stranded, so Bruce travels to a gas station around 5 miles or so but he didn’t come back and that’s what makes you interested in the film.

Story Tellers Workshop by Nick

Today we had a story telling workshop, it was held by three people in the Pod 2 classroom. It showed us three different ways out of many to tell a story. The first one was with actions and movements to capture the audience’s attention.  The story was about a hare that was stuck to a tree and it tricked an elephant into helping it get free.

The second one was a lady telling us about an event and it was to entertain and amuse. It was about a cow in a swimming pool. And the last one was a story with a play attached; it was one where you join in with the fun. It was about a little boy and his grandparents and a misbehaving magpie. I thought it was really fun and interesting.

I learnt the different ways to tell a story and make it interesting.


Ballarat Story Tellers by Harley

Today (5/6/14) three people from Ballarat story tellers came to our school to teach us how we can tell a story. Their names were John, Sheila and Rita; they all had different ways to tell a story. Rita told a life event, Sheila told a story with a play and John told a story from Burma.

What I learnt from today: I learnt that there is more than one way to tell a story. You can act to tell a story you also can tell them with expression.

Dave Gibb – Cartooning By Crystal

 Dave Gibb

On the 8th of May, Dave Gibb came to Pod 3 and showed us how to draw cartoons and how to make them blink and move. We did some cartoon making with Mount Blowhard Primary School.

We got some paper then we had to draw faces, and he also made us laugh a lot. We had heaps of fun.

I learnt how to make my drawing skills better by making cartoons and how to make cartoons come alive.