More Than One Way To Tell A Story

Greetings from beautiful Ballarat.

This blog will be used to share our reflections, thoughts and recount as students from our three schools (Yuille Park, Wendouree & Mount Blowhard) share in our media project, “More Than One Way To Tell A Story”.  Over Terms 2 & 3, we will participate in a variety of workshops with presenters skilled in different aspects of storytelling. Students will use these experiences to tell their own stories with the theme: People We Admire. These stories could be shared as comics, oral presentations, short films, stop-motion animation, documentary-style interviews, raps or other media choices negotiated by the students.

In October, students, staff and families from our school communities will gather to celebrate with a showcase  of our stories. We hope you enjoy sharing our journey with us.

3 thoughts on “More Than One Way To Tell A Story

  1. Hi There

    I came across your blog while looking for posts to share with our Edublogs and Global 2 community. Love the idea of how you are using the blog to connect with your community.

    You may find the website 50 Ways to Tell a Story has some great activities that you could use with your students – Most of the online tools mentioned on 50 Ways to Tell a Story can be embedded into blog posts. Let us know if you would like the instructions on how to embed media.

    Hope this has helped.


    Sue Waters
    Support Manager
    Edublogs | CampusPress

  2. CASS reflection by Tom
    Dave Gibb
    I learnt that Dave Gibb was a really good cartooning person and that I was a good drawer and that I knew what to do and I could keep up to what he was doing and helping with some kids experience in cartooning.
    We did some drawing with Dave Gibb it was fun and cool. I drew a dog and so did Dave.
    I think the sessions would be better if we could have more sessions with Dave Gibb.

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