Dave Gibb by Alex

About Dave Gibb

Dave Gibb came on the 8th of May. He does  cartooning like faces and expressions like a mouth, eyes, and eyebrows. If it was a girl you put some lips, eyelashes, and some girl hair. If it was a boy you put boy hair. Mount Blowhard Primary School  came and Dave  Gibb drew a girl from the other school. And it was really good, he is a good drawer and was really funny.

By Alex

Michael Green Workshop by Jamie

On the 22/5/2014 between 12:00 and 3:00 Pod 3 and some Pod 2 we were talking about filming with Michael Green we got to name some genres. And after that we made a storyboards we all had fun working with him. And make storyboards and talked about pre-production we come up with about 30 of genres.

Michael helped us to make a storyboard everyone had a go at making a storyboard. Some people got picked to show there storyboard in front of everyone. We had so much fun with Michael Green talking about filming and the genres.

There were heaps of things to do with Michael. We all learnt heaps of things from Michael like how to make a storyboard. I real enjoyed was making a storyboard because you have to put your mind to it. So you can make a good one like some that got put on the board some of them were good. One of them wasn’t finished; it was good but it would be better if it was finished. But every one enjoyed making the storyboard because they had a go at making a storyboard. And thinking of the genres but it was heaps of fun for everyone to have a go at it.

Dave Gibb by Mac

Dave Gibb came to our school so we could all learn how to do cartooning. It was the best because learnt how to make expressions on the cartoon faces. These skills helped me a lot and I have used what I have learnt in my other pictures for my project.

Cartooning by Jayden

Quite a while ago a cartoonist by the name of Dave Gibb came to our school to teach us about cartooning and some kids from Mount Blowhard Primary School came to our school to also learn to cartoon.
The first thing we had to do was draw a face then after that he taught us how to make a cartoon character look sad, happy, angry and excited and the most important thing you had to use were the mouth, eye brows and eyes.
At one point when we were asking questions a girl said “What is your favourite drawing” and Dave told her to come out the from and make a pose.
In the end it was a hilarious drawing of her running to a sign pointing to the east saying boys.
At the end of the lesson we had to draw our own cartoon character and mine was a squirrel in the military in Afghanistan saying “lalalala boom “it was so funny and in the end I didn’t get to show Dave but at least I know I’m good at drawing squirrels in the army.

More Than One Way To Tell A Story

Greetings from beautiful Ballarat.

This blog will be used to share our reflections, thoughts and recount as students from our three schools (Yuille Park, Wendouree & Mount Blowhard) share in our media project, “More Than One Way To Tell A Story”.  Over Terms 2 & 3, we will participate in a variety of workshops with presenters skilled in different aspects of storytelling. Students will use these experiences to tell their own stories with the theme: People We Admire. These stories could be shared as comics, oral presentations, short films, stop-motion animation, documentary-style interviews, raps or other media choices negotiated by the students.

In October, students, staff and families from our school communities will gather to celebrate with a showcase  of our stories. We hope you enjoy sharing our journey with us.