Greenscreen at B.L.X.

I went to B.L.X on 24th July to learn how to do a better job at green screen. Steve and Mitch from MRL Media explained all about the equipment and how to light the screen and the subject.

It isn't easy being green

It isn’t easy being green

I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about greenscreen including how to get rid of shadows.

The Trip To ACMI Movie Studios – Scott

The trip to ACMI was the most fun I have had because I haven’t done stop motion before. When we arrived we made plasticine characters using pipe cleaners as the skeleton of the model to give it strength. We had to work in groups of four on our movies to help us finish it faster. Our group’s movie was called “The Super Twins”. We had students from Yuille Park and

The computers we used were Apple Macs with iStopMotion software. We also added music and sound FX to our film.

The process was

  1. plan our story,
  2. build the set,
  3. make the characters
  4. take 3 photos
  5. make small moves
  6. take more photos
  7. make small moves
  8. keep going until enough photos have been take for 30 seconds of film

We also visited Screen Worlds at lunchtime. It was really fun to see an old Atari in real life.

ACMI excursion – Max

Yesterday, Tuesday 29th of July, I went on an excursion to ACMI in Melbourne, to study stop animation. We arrived a bit late to the workshop so I had to rush through the introduction. The main activity at the workshop was to split into groups of four and create a short 30-60 second Claymation film. The first stage was to plan out and storyboard the film…things like what characters and what happens; then we started to create the characters and props to use in the film. It’s worth noting that during one of the lunch breaks we went into Screen World which was just one floor down from the workshop.

One of the plasticine models

One of the plasticine models

After our lunch break we started to animate, (our puppets were a bit challenged when it came to walking.) After the tedious animating of our little project we then moved onto adding the sound, (to me that probably was the easiest part.) After we finished our film we watched each other’s films, then we finished off the day and drove back to school.
If I had a chance to redo this excursion, I would give myself more time to work on the activities.

Green Screen Workshop – Nick

Today a group of us went to a green screen workshop; it was led Mitch and Steve who went us through the basics of green screen production. They showed us their room with all the lights and cameras and a big green screen painted on the wall and explained to us how to use them.

If you wear green and go in front of a green screen where your wearing green will go invisible. It was a really enjoyable lesson. I’m looking forward to going to more.


Green Screening-Jayden L

Today around 7 students for Yuille Park went down to BLX  to learn about green screening from two men from MRL Media.

I all ready knew this but some others might not have known this but on the WIN news they use green screening.

The guys who were teaching us about green screening were Steve and Mitch.

The first thing you need to do when you are about to film is to think about your background first.

And you also need to get the lighting right or else when you shoot the video or movie it will look very dull.

Always face the camera the right way because if you’re trying to make someone small or tiny if you put the camera on the ground facing up the person will look like a giant but if you put the camera facing down the person will look tiny.

And the last part have fun because if you don’t have fun whats the point of doing it but if you have fun the audience will have fun watching it.

BLX Green Screening – Kimberly

Today at 11am, 8 people from Yuille Park went to BLX for a work shop on green screening. When we arrived there Wendouree Primary were out the front. We went in to the green screening room, then we all sat on a seat. Steve and Mitch introduced themselves then Mount Blowhard arrived and we started the workshop. We learnt about the green screen and the correct lighting for using the green screening also the problem with shadows on the screen.

What is your story? Mine is about a loo!

I’ve been thinking a bit about stories and what makes them interesting. One of the kinds of stories that I like to read, hear and see are about people’s lives.

We all have a story. We know where we were born, who make up our families and the people we live with.

I can remember lots of things from when I was little but one of the most vivid memories for me was growing up with an ‘outside toilet’! It might be hard for young people to understand but in my youth we used to have to go out into the back yard to go to the toilet. Now, most of the time this was okay as there were lights, or the moon and people awake and around.

Can you imagine for one minute what it must have been like to need to to the toilet in the middle of the night? Well, from my experience, it was scary! I used to lie in bed and when that feeling came upon me…I used to lie there and try to think it away. Anything seemed better than having to get up and go ‘outside’ when everyone else was asleep. I used to imagine wild creatures in the toilet…wearwolves, dragons, witches… it was very scary.

I can remember when my parents did a renovation on our house in the early 1980’s and this was when we had our very first ‘inside toilet’! This was very posh and I felt like a million bucks being able to go to the toilet during the night time without having to go outside.

Today, we take inside toilets for granted…but, in reality… I don’t think I ever will and LOVE the fact that I no longer need to go outside to pee!

childhood memories


Story Telling by Kimberly

Thursday the 5th of June in Pod 2, we had 3 story tellers. The first one who told a story was named John. He told a story about a smart hare who got stuck up a tree and tricked an elephant to get him down by making her angry.

The second person was named Rita; she told a true story about when she was relaxed. Then her next door neighbour’s kid came running in to her house and said mum needs your help because there was a cow in the pool. So she went over there and pushed the cow out but the  cow got scared and pooed in the water. It came up and looked like it was raining gold.

The third storyteller, named Sheila, acted out a story with students. It was about a grandma and a grandpa, also their grandson Jonathan. At the end of their street there was a tree which had a magpie and its nest. When they were walking to their jobs and school and things the magpie swooped them so when they were going home they had to find a different way. The next day they had an instrument that made a loud noise and the magpie left them alone.

I learnt how to make my stories more interesting and engaging.

Story teller by Mac

On the 5/6/14 Pod 3 and Pod 2 classes listened to three stories from the Ballarat story tellers. They were very different to each other. The first story was so funny and the next was funny as well and the last one was good too; it had props like puppets. I like the smart hare the most but the hare was really a bit dumb. If I was rating all three stories from 1 to 10  they would all be 10, all day and night. It was good to have it in Pod 2. I liked it a lot.